Shelly for Leader

A Shelly Glover led Government will be built on inclusivity and get back to core Party principles and values, where members’ voices will be heard equally. This starts with a one-member/one vote leadership process throughout  October by postal ballot.

Shelly For Leader

Manitobans are not just appointing a PC party leader to become Premier throughout October by postal ballot, we are also selecting a candidate that will lead the party into the next General Election. Shelly Glover offers the best opportunity to rejuvenate the party and capture another successful mandate from Manitobans. Let’s help Shelly establish a renewed path to 2023 and beyond.

With Shelly Glover as the leader, our Party will include the voices of our grassroot members and our MLAs. As Party Leader, Shelly will encourage our MLAs to shine in their roles in the cabinet and caucus while creating a team atmosphere for all – a team Manitobans can be proud of.

We will have a government built on consultation, communication, and collaboration. This will be accomplished with input from Manitobans, Party members, MLAs, front-line workers and subject matter experts.  We have wonderful people with huge hearts and amazing ideas, and those ideas need to be the core of our government.

Shelly Glover For Leader

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